The feet are crucial in golf. They are used to walk around on all day and a the platform or foundation that the golf swing starts from.

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Haglunds Deformity

Haglunds deformity is an anatomic variation in which the back of the heel bone is larger than normal. Generally there is nothing wrong with that except that pressure from the shoes can be painful.

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Kinetic Wedge

The kinetic wedge is an extension that can be used on the front part of the foot orthotic to assist in the clinical management of of functional hallux limitus.

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Jones Fracture

A Jones fracture is a particular type fracture that occurs at the diaphysis of the fifth metatarsal of the foot that was fist described by the British orthopedic surgeon, Dr Robert Jones.

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Jacks Test

Jacks Test is a test of how hard it is to dorsiflex the hallux when weightbearing, so is a test of the integrity of the windlass mechanism. It is known at the Hubscher maneuver in the USA

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Homeopathy is an alternative medicine practice that has been shown not to work. Any affects of homeopathy are no better than a placebo.

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Hoka One One Running Shoes

The Hoka One One running shoes created the maximalist running shoe category. They are the antithesis of the barefoot running and minimalist shoe trend.

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Growing Pains

Most cases of growing pains in the child are benign and they come right, but on rare occasions the symptoms are the same as some pretty nasty things, so for thos reason all cases of growing pains have to be taken seriously and properly investigated.

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Foot Posture Index

Foot Posture Index is a composite measure of the posture of the foot based on 6 different observations of the alignment or posture of different segments of the foot.

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Foot Health Practitioners

Foot Health Practitioners are a group of unregulated practitioners in the UK who came into existence to get around the requirements of the Health Professions Council to be registered as a podiatrist.

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