The Pathomechanics of Abnormal Pronation

The Pathomechanics of Abnormal Pronation is a small booklet authored by Eddy Wietscher and published by the Open Study Group.

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Dr Merton Root, DPM

Dr Merton Root, DPM (1922–2002) is widely considered the ‘father’ of clinical biomechanics in podiatry and the theory (‘Root theory’) that largely underpins the use of foot orthotic is mostly based on his original concepts.

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Muscle Strength and Arch Height

There is apparently a lot of controversy on the roles of muscles and muscle strength on the height of the arch in the foot. Almost all of the research shows that there is no relationship between muscle strength and arch height; no relationship between overpronation and muscle strength; and the evidence also shows that foot orthotics do not weaken the muscles neither. There is really no controversy, the evidence is clear.

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